Hello, I'm Andrew, thanks for stopping by.

My consultancy Muir Wood & Co helps clients like Deliveroo, Tesco and Mozilla do discovery research. We uncover unexpected customer needs and behaviours that lead to rad new product opportunities and prevent unwanted crap from being built. We also help organisations to grow their own research capabilities.

Want to talk business? Give us a shout here: hello@muirwood.co.uk

Otherwise here are a few other things that I do...

Need more Muir at your event?

I have been giving off-the-wall talks at design conferences for 13 years, I’ve helped run mobile UX and fintech events and have spoken about innovation at the World Food Programme 3 times in the last 2 years. I have also given rowdy talks on research to businesses like Iwoca and Attest.

Here's a snippet from a World Food Programme talk I gave at their Innovation Bootcamp last year

Here's a video we made after raising £1.8M and sending food to 120 hospitals around the UK.

Want some free Andrew?

About 10% of my working days are pro-bono. I used to run a magazine and edgy events to support graduate creatives, I've mentored inner city entrepreneurs and most recently co-founded an initiative to deliver 300,000 meals to the NHS during the pandemic. I'm always open to a chat about applying rapid innovation techniques to charitable causes.

Yearning for a crusty old advisor?

I've been around the block, about 1.5-2 times. I've worked in two startups and personally mentored about 40-50 of them at accelerators including Google for Startups and LMarks. I ask them tough existential questions and show them ways to answer them. I am open to advisory positions and offer decent rates for founder mentoring work. And if you're looking to break into the industry from an underrepresented background, I'll happily meet to see if I can  give you a leg-up.

Here’s a talk I gave about startup research to some Germans, with a decent Q&A at the end

You had me at hello

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